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There’s no denying that social media connects us, informs us and of course, entertains us.

What was originally used by individuals for personal use has now expanded to use by businesses to advertise – and often with great results.

However, social media should always be used with caution. You probably know about stranger danger already, but what about the repercussions of social media defamation?

Want to know why your business should have a social media policy?

Find out with the Gold Coast defamation lawyers at Crest Lawyers by reading on.

What is a social media policy?

A social media policy is loosely defined as a clear and concise document considered as part of the businesses employment and human resources policies.

Within it, employee responsibilities are outlined, which must be followed when dealing with social media. This includes inside and outside of business hours, for business-related social media posts and comments, and also employee’s personal social media activities accessible by the public.

Both individuals and companies alike have faced the repercussions of unsavoury social media activities. Contrary to popular belief, we all can’t hide behind our computer screens or mobile devices, especially when a potential defamation case is on the cards.

The main goals of a social media policy

There are four main goals of any good and solid social media policy.

What are they?
  1. To educate employees

Employees must be made aware of the reality of legal and security risks associated with social media usage. A good social media policy will outline best practices to protect themselves and their employer/the company.

Thinking before posting should be stressed which includes but isn’t limited to avoiding confidentiality breaches, posting insensitive comments and conflicts of interest.

  1. Protect employees

A social media policy not only protects a business’s integrity and reputation but can do the same for employees. Talk to your business lawyer about how this policy can protect employees from online bullying, harassment and potential defamation.

  1. Protect your company from litigation

A social media policy provides the justification needed to dismiss an employee for improper social media use, while minimising legal risks for the business.

  1. Protect the company brand

Employees should not post, like or comment online in a way that negatively impacts their company’s brand. A social media policy clearly defines the consequences of employees doing just that.

Make sure each employee as read and understood your company’s social media policy and can access it at any time. Your local, trusted business lawyer is able to devise and help you implement a clearly defined social media policy.

Need help with social media defamation?

If you believe someone is defaming you and/or your business, or you’re accused of doing likewise to someone else – you need the expert guidance of a defamation lawyer.

Crest Lawyers have the professional expertise and experience in handling these situations whether it’s social media defamation, civil defamation or defamation of character.

Looking for a defamation lawyer on the Gold Coast?

Contact Crest Lawyers today for proactive, professional legal services which encompass social media defamation, civil defamation and defamation of character.


Disclaimer: The content contained in this news post is general in nature and is intended to provide a general summary only and should not be relied on as a substitute for legal advice.