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Property Settlements & Consent Orders

When separating de facto or married couples have property, it is necessary that these issues be dealt with delicately and by experienced and trusted property settlement lawyers. This is because conflict between former partners (married or de facto) usually involves a lot of emotions and the situation can be especially distressing and complex when children are involved. 

If a divorcing couple cannot come to an agreement about the family property, the Court has the responsibility to deal with the matter in a way that is fair, just and equitable for all the parties. So the Courts advocate that separating couples go for the dispute resolution method that is informal, confidential and best for all involved.

This is why an effective expert property settlement lawyer is required in a family property case. You need a trusted Gold Coast family lawyer to ensure that the Court gets to know about your claim to the property or your unique circumstances in the clearest way possible. 

Whether there has been a divorce or break up, our property settlement lawyers are able to provide you with all the help and support that you need.

Our property settlement lawyers are specialists in providing alternative dispute resolution services that will aid disputing parties to come together and explore a peaceful way to reach an agreement. We guide our clients appropriately in each stage of the process, putting your best interests first. 

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Consent Order Services We Can Provide

After going through a dispute resolution process, it is important that all the parties involved in the dispute abide by the decisions that they arrived at. Our experienced consent order lawyers can help you ensure that a party does not refuse to follow the property settlement agreement.  

These are the things we will do to ensure your agreement stands:

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Give you legal counsel

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Draft consent orders

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Attend to filing of the Application for Consent Orders

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Arrange implementation of the Orders

Consent Order Lawyers Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

If you’re on the Gold Coast and are going through a separation or divorce, you need a focused and dedicated legal team who specialise in family law to help you with the process. 

Your consent orders will contain the decisions arrived at after the dispute resolution process. 

Our trusted lawyers will draft the property settlement agreement into Orders and file them with the Court along with an application for Consent Orders. 

The Court Registrar will first consider the proposed Orders to see if they are ‘just and equitable.’ If they are, the orders will be ‘sealed by the Court’. Thereafter they will be binding and enforceable on all parties through the Court. 

When it comes to property settlement on the Gold Coast, Crest Lawyers are available to assist you throughout the entire property settlement process.

You can entrust your matter to us, and we will work dedicatedly to ensure that you get the binding financial agreement you deserve. 

With us, our clients on the Gold Coast can be sure of top-quality legal services as well as compassion and confidentiality. Ready to get started?

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