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Is Your Gold Coast Company Going into Liquidation?

If your Gold Coast business is going into liquidation, you need a trusted liquidation lawyer to help you handle it tactfully. 

When a company goes into liquidation, it means that the company is unable to meet its financial commitments. Therefore all business activities are stopped, and its assets will be sold. Company liquidation is the act of distributing a company’s assets to claimants during the process of bringing the company to an end. It can be a trying time for a business owner. 

Our liquidation lawyers have had experience dealing with companies that are going through liquidation. We have professionally yet compassionately seen the parties through the liquidation of the company’s assets. We ensure that we take the pain out of business liquidation and reduce the stress that the business owner has to encounter in these circumstances.

Liquidation Gold Coast

Liquidation Advice & Services That We Can Offer

Once a business owner gets overwhelmed by the company’s debts, it is best to get an expert liquidation lawyer involved in the situation. An expert liquidation lawyer should help you understand the liquidation process and guide you through every step of the way.

If you’re going through a voluntary liquidation, the liquidation lawyer will help during the assessment and evaluation process. If it is a court-ordered liquidation, the liquidation lawyer will give you the guidance that you need. They will also ensure that you carry out all your legal obligations.  Our liquidation lawyers will give you effective legal representation in the court-ordered liquidation process. The services that we provide include: 

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Giving accurate legal counsel

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Help with the process of valuation of all company assets

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Help with the process of paying off any outstanding debts

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Provide a report to creditors

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Help to distribute the surplus funds or assets to the members of the company

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Assist with all other aspects of corporate insolvency

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Assist with corporate restructuring

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Draft required debt and insolvency agreements

Our liquidation lawyers have a lot of experience with company liquidation matters. We give quality legal advice to both private business people and corporate clients. 

If you’re after legal services and advice for your business, we are on hand to help you ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

Liquidation Lawyers Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

Company liquidation can be a difficult and complex process for a business owner no matter if it is voluntary or court ordered. Also, the process of dispensing the business assets can be challenging. This is why expert liquidation lawyers are needed to help complete the company liquidation process.

When it comes to liquidating a business on the Gold Coast, Crest Lawyers are your best choice. Our lawyers are compassionate and dedicated to providing optimal legal services for our clients. We assure you of complete confidentiality in your liquidation matter meaning there are no added stressors around privacy.

Do you need a liquidation lawyer? Contact us now.

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