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Quality legal representation in Court is underrated and many people do not appreciate the gravity of a situation where they need someone who is acting on their behalf and looking out for their best interests. But for those who do, they recognise that during periods of legal significance, legal representation in Court is priceless. 

A legal representative is a person who has the capacity to carry out legal transactions, enter into legally binding contracts and stand on your behalf in a Court of law. 

While legal representation is the act of carrying out legal transactions, entering into legally binding contracts and standing on a person’s behalf in a Court of law. 

But if you’re going to Court, why do you need legal representation?

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Why is Legal Representation in Court Necessary?

Court representation is quite necessary whether you’re going to a magistrate Court, a family Court, a federal circuit Court, etc. Your lawyer is there to watch out for all your interests, including your emotional health and stability. 

First, as a litigant, you need legal advice. You need to get informed on  the workings of the legal system. For instance, a family Court lawyer will help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a specific member of the family. They will explain how the law applies to your case and how you can take advantage of certain provisions for your favour. 

Family Court lawyers are there to support, assist you and ensure that you are not taken through a distressing period during the course of your case. 

Our lawyers also know the deadlines, Court fees and penalties when it comes to submitting Court documents. They are the ones who will explain the outcome of your case to you. 

In the same vein, since the Court is a formal place, Court proceedings are guided by certain etiquette and formalities. Your lawyer is the one to teach you about how to conduct yourself, both in the Court building and in the Courtroom. They will also coach you in how to address the Court or magistrate, so that you don’t become guilty of contempt of Court.

Legal Representation Services We Help With

We’re committed to guiding and advising you through the complex family law process, whilst taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, allowing us to work together to create a strategy aimed to bring about the best solution for you and your family. 

Our professional Magistrates Court, Federal Circuit Court, and Family Court lawyers on the Gold Coast provide quality, practical and honest advice for a range of legal representation matters. These services include:

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Expend time and resources to research and prepare for your case

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Help you speak confidently to the judge about your interests

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prepare, file and ensure the filing of the Court documents and pay the required Court fees

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Help to gather the evidence that supports your case as well as find witnesses to help your matter

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Help you present the evidence in Court, as well as examine and cross-examine witnesses

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Be your legal representation in the Magistrate’s Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court

Gold Coast Legal Representatives Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

At Crest Lawyers, we strive to be the most trusted when it comes to providing legal representation to our clients on the Gold Coast. 

Our expertise cuts across all areas of law including family law, wills and estates, property and conveyancing, compensation law, workplace issues, criminal law, commercial law, employment law, and  debt recovery. We can also be your legal representation in the Magistrate’s Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court depending on your unique legal matter.

We have a strong foundation that you can trust, and we are willing to go all the way to ensure that you get the best legal representation. 

Going to Court? Get trusted legal representation and contact us now.

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