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Family Dispute Resolution Lawyers

These days, there are a number of dispute resolution methods used to resolve family law cases amicably. Very few people want to resort to a Court case. 

The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; Court is expensive, time-consuming, and isn’t a good choice when it comes to some family circumstances.

Dispute resolution is a broad concept. It has to do with the solving of disputes through processes that can include negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

Methods like litigation or self-help usually inflict permanent damage on relationships. They create rifts that are sometimes impossible to get over, and bring an end to the productivity of projects.

Dispute resolution makes provision for a way of ending disputes in a way that is relevant, cost effective, and most fair. It also aims to resolve the issues in a manner that preserves the relationship of parties. It also generally tries to give a solution that will be the most fruitful in the circumstances. 

Let’s take the area of family law, for instance. If there is a dispute between relatives or family members, family dispute resolution is the best option to take if bridges are to be built in the family. In fact, the Court actually expects relatives who are involved in family law disputes to only make an application to the Court only after they have tried other dispute resolution methods. 

So they are to attempt to resolve their disputes by compromise, discussion through family law mediation. 

Family law mediation enables the parties of a dispute who are related, to discuss their concerns, express themselves, and reach a resolution sensitively and efficiently. It also dispenses with the rigors and formality of litigation. 

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Family Dispute Resolution Services We Help With

We’re committed to guiding and advising you through the complex family law dispute resolution and mediation process, whilst taking the time to understand your personal circumstances. This allows us to work together to create a strategy aimed to bring about the best solution for you and your family. 

Our professional family dispute resolution practitioners on the Gold Coast provide quality, practical and honest advice for a range of family dispute resolution matters. These services include:

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Consent Orders

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

You need a family dispute resolution practitioner if you have a dispute with another party which you want to resolve through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Perhaps you want to preserve the relationship you had with the other party or you want to minimise your losses.

Whatever the case, you will need to go through mediation to enable you to resolve your issues without resorting to litigation. 

At Crest Lawyers, we are invested in providing expert mediation representation and consent order services to our Gold Coast clients.

Our lawyers are professionals with experience in handling a large range of matters in family, business and property law and are committed, passionate and focused on providing the best and most positive solutions for you.

We are a Gold Coast law firm and we make it our priority to help our clients if they need any help or support using dispute resolution. Our dispute resolution guidelines are clear and easy to understand and our family lawyers on the Gold Coast are the most trusted in the business. 

Whether you want to file a consent order under family law, or you need representation during the dispute resolution or mediation process, we’re here to help.

Are you on the Gold Coast and need more information or want help with resolving your matter amicably? Then look no further.

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