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If you’re looking for the best estate planning lawyers on the Gold Coast, you’ve found them. 

Death is a topic most people don’t want to discuss. However, it becomes a necessary conversation at some point. 

As such, instead of pushing the thought away and wishing it won’t happen, it is better to be prepared, especially as death can happen unexpectedly. One way to help prepare for the inevitable is by thoroughly planning to pass on your legacy. 

Estate planning is the process of making arrangements regarding your property, assets and possessions and how they are to be distributed after your passing. This process involves everything from making a will to setting up a trust or even giving the assets as gifts during your lifetime. 

There are many advantages to planning your estate. First, proper planning makes the process of distribution of the estate to beneficiaries easier than it would be when there are no plans in place. This reduces the likelihood of estate disputes among your family and the amount of time they have to wait after you’re gone. 

Estate planning is an effective way to protect and take care of your family’s interests and finances even when you’re not with them anymore. 

To do this efficiently, you need an estate planning lawyer, and Crest Lawyers are the best choice on the Gold Coast. 

Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Advice

If you want to plan your estate, there are several factors to consider, and you should always contact a professional lawyer such as Crest Lawyers when doing so. 

First, you must determine all the properties and assets that make up your estate. Then you have to decide if you want to make a will or gift some of these assets while you’re still alive. 

In doing this, you need an estate planning lawyer to help you structure your estate to protect your family’s interests and minimise the tax costs. 

At Crest Lawyers, we have a team of professionals that can give you advice and help you distribute your estate. In doing this, we will comply with the provisions of the Succession Act 1981, the law that deals with providing for the family of a deceased person.

Our estate planning services include:

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Estate planning advice

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Wills & probate

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Guardianship and administration;

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Distribution of estate to beneficiaries;

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Superannuation issues;

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Social security issues;

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Power of attorney

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Business succession planning.

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Financial advice.

We are experts in this field, and you can trust us to provide professional estate planning services. 

Our Lawyers Also Help With Estate Dispute Resolution on the Gold Coast

On top of helping you plan your estate, we can help solve any estate dispute resolutions you or your loved ones might be facing. 

Sadly, estate disputes are all too common. These types of situations are only compounded by the often highly emotional discussions that arise due to the passing of the person in question. 

If you find yourself in an estate dispute, then be sure to contact us immediately. There’s no use in running the risk of a bad outcome when you can hire the help of a professional, ensuring a good result for all involved. 

Your Go-To Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning is available to anyone who owns assets; it doesn’t matter how many. Crest Lawyers provide services that help you make arrangements to distribute your estate when you are gone.

If you need an estate planning lawyer on the Gold Coast, we will help you from beginning to end.

As proud members of the Crest brand, we are part of a successful organisation built on old-school principles, trust, and transparency. This enables us to make helping you our priority. Contact us today. 

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