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As trusted Gold Coast domestic violence lawyers, not only are we experienced in providing reliable domestic violence advice, we’re also experienced in navigating our valued clients through this difficult journey, with tailored guidance and support.

Domestic violence involves assault including sexual assault, personal injury, and intimidation done by a person against another.

Under Queensland law, domestic violence is recognised in different types of relationships, including spousal, intimate-personal, family and informal care relationships.

In Queensland, you can make an application for a domestic violence order yourself or you can ask the police to apply for you.

It is best to get legal advice before filing an order of protection. Our trusted DV lawyers can help you to understand the process of making an application for a domestic violence order.

Dv Lawyers Gold Coast

Domestic Violence Services We Help With

We’re committed to guiding and advising you through the complex domestic violence legal process, whilst taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, allowing us to work together to create a strategy aimed to bring about the best solution for you and your family. 

Our professional domestic violence legal services on the Gold Coast provide quality, practical and honest advice for a range of DV matters. These services include:

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Domestic Violence Orders

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Protection Orders

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Restraining Orders

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Communication and Negotiation

DV Lawyers Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

Domestic Violence Orders

In cases of domestic violence, the Court is empowered to issue an official document to stop threats or acts of such violence.

The protected party may be granted a restraining order, exclusion order, protection order, or an apprehended violence order, depending on what is required. A DVO, therefore, is a civil order which sets out the rules the person being violent must obey. Where the rules are disobeyed, they will be criminally prosecuted.

Protection Order

A protection order is a type of DVO made by a Magistrate to protect victims of domestic violence. Typically, protection orders last for 5 years, however, some may be shorter and extended where necessary.

A protection order may be temporary where it is needed urgently. This temporary order will last up to the date when the Magistrate can see to the application for a protection order.

Restraining Order

A domestic violence victim can seek a restraining order against the person being violent. This order restrains the respondent from any access or contact to the victim up to the extent determined by the court.

It usually prevents the parties involved from living in the same house or space to protect the victim.

Seeing as domestic violence is such a sensitive and serious matter, you should seek assistance from our trusted domestic violence lawyers. Our DV lawyers are based on the Gold Coast and are here to listen to your situation and advise you appropriately on the best steps to take. We will also ensure that you are protected and your matter is dealt with swiftly and privately.

Contact us today if you need a trusted domestic violence lawyer on the Gold Coast.

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