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As trusted Gold Coast divorce lawyers, not only are we experienced in providing the right divorce process advice, we’re also experienced in navigating our valued clients through this difficult journey, with tailored guidance and support.

A divorce is the legal recognition of the permanent breakdown of a marriage and often you will need help from a divorce lawyer throughout the legal process. 

To get a divorce, the process involves an application to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. After which the Court will make a divorce order where the requirements are met. Your divorce application becomes finalised one day and one month after your divorce order was made.

For a divorce application to hold up, your marriage must have broken down irretrievably. One way to prove this is that there has been separation, which means you and your spouse have ceased living together. 

There is, however, no strict rule to determine the date of separation. The Court will look at the unique circumstances of each case based on the facts presented. 

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Divorce Services We Help With

We’re committed to guiding and advising you through the complex divorce process, whilst taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, allowing us to work together to create a strategy aimed to bring about the best solution for you and your family. 

Our professional divorce services on the Gold Coast provide quality, practical and honest advice for a range of divorce process matters. These divorce services include:

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Sole Application for a Divorce

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Joint Application for a Divorce

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Service of an Application for a Divorce

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Response to a Divorce Application

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Legal Separation Issues

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Annulment of Marriages

Divorce Solicitors Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

A divorce application can either be filed by one party or by both parties. Where one party applies,they are to serve the other party either in person or by post. The application is to be accompanied by an affidavit which is a sworn statement indicating submission to the Court.

Where the couple applies for divorce jointly, they are both to sign the divorce application and the accompanying affidavit. There is no requirement to attend court, even if there are children under 18 years of age.

Sensitive issues in divorce are the care of children of the marriage under 18 years old and the distribution of property and assets. In Australia, there is no presumption that assets are to be shared equally or how the children are to be cared for. Our divorce solicitors will help you navigate the negotiations either in Court or through mediation.

You are to agree on how your children will be cared for or apply to the Court for a parenting order. The property settlement process is separate from the divorce process. 

Such sensitive issues like this are best dealt with by consulting with divorce and separation solicitors. Often we find the entirety of the divorce and separation process requires our expert input. 

Crest Lawyers are experts in legal separation issues and dissolution of marriages. We offer a range of legal services in the Gold Coast including the services of divorce and separation lawyers.

Contact us today if you need a trusted divorce lawyer on the Gold Coast.

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