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Sometimes, a business owner has to make significant modifications to its capital structure or operations to get the business out of financial distress. This process is called corporate or business restructuring. 

A company that is in financial jeopardy has to carry out debt restructuring in order to get out of the financial crisis that the company is in. It is a very important process that is used to eliminate the financial crises while enhancing the company’s performance. 

As the owner of a business facing the financial crisis, you need a financial and legal expert to give you advice and assistance in the negotiation processes and the transaction deals. Here’s where our trusted restructuring lawyers come in. 

Crest Lawyers are experts that have worked with various companies that are experiencing financial strain and therefore need restructuring. We are aware that this can be a stressful time for business owners, and the process can be cumbersome. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that we provide all the help that we can give. We are committed to taking the stress off you, and making the process totally seamless.

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Our Debt & Business Restructuring Services

Usually, when a business is under financial strain, the business has to first look at different tools that they can apply to get the business out of that issue. The owner of the concerned entity may look at debt financing, operations reduction, or sale of any portion of the company to interested investors. Corporate restructuring may arise because of a change in the ownership structure of a company. Such change in the ownership structure of the company may be due to the takeover, merger, adverse economic conditions, adverse changes in business such as buyouts, and bankruptcy.

There are two types of corporate restructuring: financial restructuring and organisational restructuring. Financial restructuring usually takes place due to a severe fall in the overall sales because of adverse economic conditions. Organisational restructuring, on the other hand, is a change in the organisational structure of a business. Actions like redesigning job positions, downsizing the employees, and changing the reporting relationships fall under organisational restructuring.

Whether your business is going through financial restructuring, or you opt for organisational restructuring, Crest Lawyers are here for you. We are committed to ensuring that your business gets sustained and that it makes profits. We provide a range of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring law matters, including:

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Business structure review

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Debt restructuring

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Business restructuring counsel

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Debt-servicing schedule

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Formal Creditors Agreements

Restructuring Lawyers Providing Care, Compassion and Confidentiality

If your business is struggling financially, and you are faced with difficult choices and options, you need an expert restructuring lawyer to guide you and help you make the appropriate decision. We know that these kinds of decisions are never easy, and never straightforward. That’s why we treat cases like these kindly, while still being professional. 

At Crest Lawyers, we are committed to guiding and advising you through complex law, whilst taking the time to understand your circumstances. We show care and compassion, while treating your matter with the utmost confidentiality. We provide quality legal services to bring about the best solution for you and your business. Our professional law services are practical and honest. 

Is your business in a state of financial strain or distress?

Are you struggling with restructuring your business?

Then look no further.

In these tough times, business can be harder than ever, and we understand. So if you need a restructuring lawyer, call us on 07 5538 0999 or contact us today.


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