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Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvency, Restructuring and Bankruptcy Lawyers

As trusted Gold Coast bankruptcy lawyers, we’re here to help you with business recovery by not only providing the right legal advice, but also by helping you through this stressful time in your business with tailored guidance and support.

Is your business in a state of instability or distress?
Are you struggling with a difficult business decision?

If your business is struggling financially, and you’re faced with difficult choices and options, the decision is never easy, and it’s never straightforward.

In these tough and unprecedented times, business is harder than ever, and you’re certainly not alone.

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Insolvency, Restructuring & Bankruptcy Services

We’re committed in guiding and advising you through complex law, whilst taking the time to understand your circumstances, allowing us to work together to create a strategy aimed to bring about the best solution for you and your business. Our professional law services provide quality, practical and honest advice for a range of bankruptcy, insolvency and
restructuring law matters. These law services include:


Court ordered liquidation Creditors’ voluntary liquidation Members’ voluntary liquidation

Corporate Insolvency

Insolvent trading Unreasonable director related transactions Uncommercial transactions Creditors statutory demand Wind up company orders

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy legal advice Rights and obligations Early release from bankruptcy Personal insolvency Bankruptcy-related litigation


Fixed charge over assets Floating charge over assets


Business structure review Debt restructuring Business restructuring

At Crest Lawyers, we’re dedicated to helping you through your business challenges and financial distress, with care, compassion and confidentiality. We can also assist with buying/selling a business, employment, business structuring, commercial leasing, contract drafting, review and negotiations, loans, trademarks, disputes and more.
Our restructuring and insolvency services are exceptional and of the highest calibre and our fees are affordable, with flexible pricing structures available.

Insolvency Advice for Gold Coast Businesses

When a company is in financial difficulty, a team of expert insolvency lawyers, who understand the obligations and rights of both creditors and debtors, is crucial in obtaining the best possible outcome.

At Crest Lawyers, we provide strategic advice on all aspects of solvency and bankruptcy, for companies and individual directors. No matter how big or small your business, or which industry you work within, we’ll work with you to assess your financial situation, and consider the best options for you, your business partners, employees, and family.

Appreciating that all businesses are completely different, we take the time to understand yours and explain every step of the legal process, ensuring you understand all your options, and are ready to move forward.
We’ll work together to select solutions you feel comfortable with, aimed to achieve the very best possible outcome for your business’ future.

If it sounds like you may need our help and advice, contact us today to book your FREE 45-minute consultation, free of any fees or obligations.

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