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Estate Planning: What to Include in Your Will

The reason many people fail to create a legally binding Will is that they don’t know where to begin. Yes, you can use a basic kit but you are likely to end up with ‘holes’ that leave your family feeling confused and with a potential dispute on their hands. To prepare a thorough Will, it […]

Why A DPN Can Put Your Personal Assets Under Threat

If you run a business of any size, it’s vital you understand what a director penalty notice (DPN) is and how to deal with one. Here is an explainer, as shared by a Gold Coast Business Lawyer. What is a Director Penalty Notice (DPN)? A director penalty notice is issued by the Australian Taxation Office […]

How To Minimise Tax When You Sell Your Business

If you have worked hard on your business for many years, you are likely to have a plan to sell it at some stage. One question we are often asked about at Crest is how tax applies on the sale of a business. There isn’t a black and white answer, but this article will give […]

Solving Insolvency Without Liquidating

In these rapidly evolving times, demand from consumers is shifting, product availability has changed, and costs are becoming unmanageable for many businesses. If your company is experiencing financial trouble and you can’t see a simple way out, it may be time to explore insolvency. Many business owners assume that becoming insolvent means liquidating. When this […]

The Steps for Insolvency for Debtors

The term insolvency describes the situation where an individual or business cannot pay bills when they are due. Take a look at some of the options and steps involved with the insolvency process if you are a business. How do you know if you are insolvent? The signs you are insolvent are: If the number […]

Five Must-Knows About Trademarks and Business

You may have a unique business that stands out from the crowd but if you don’t take the steps to trademark you may end up with a situation where a competitor copies your logo, name or tagline. This will undo a lot of hard work and can even lead to expensive legal issues. Trademarking can […]

How to Dispute a Will – What You Need to Know

It is always a difficult time when a relative or loved one passes away but emotions can be heightened when there is a dispute over the Will. If someone close to you has died and you believe the Will to be unfair, there may be legal steps you can take to claim money or assets […]

Important Tax Debt Information for Business Owners

The last few years have been tricky for many businesses due to COVID and it’s understandable that many organisations have fallen behind on their tax payments. However, with the severe impacts of COVID diminishing, the Australian Tax Office is taking steps to start reducing the many billions (yes, billions) of dollars in tax debt. It […]

How to Get the Money your Business is Owed

With prices rising and many of the COVID safety nets being removed, some businesses are slipping into the red. If you’re a supplier, this may mean you have a number of overdue accounts. At some stage, you are going to need to chase the funds. There are a number of debt recovery options available to […]

What Happens When a Company Goes into Administration?

The whole purpose of operating a company is to make money. However, with so many moving parts and money coming and going at different rates, it can be very easy to end up with an unmanageable amount of debt. A business that has reached a point where it is experiencing significant financial trouble may have […]