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What happens when someone wants to challenge a Will?

A Will is a legally binding document that outlines someone’s wishes in relation to the distribution of assets after they pass away. In some circumstances, family members or other dependents of a deceased person believe they have the right to contest a Will and in some cases they may be legally able to do so. […]

How and where to store important Will and Estate plan documents

It happens quite a lot; someone passes away and their loved ones are called on to help execute the Will and estate plan. Then the question arises: Where are all the relevant records and documents? While making a formal Will and estate plan is important, you also need to make sure they are easy to […]

Does your Will include your crypto investments?

Investing in cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular in recent years and some savvy individuals have been able to use this new strategy to grow their wealth. If you have been active in this area, it’s important to include your crypto assets in your Will. Your legal team and beneficiaries need to be aware of your […]

Five signs it might be time to restructure your business

When you restructure, you review and update the way a company is operated, managed and even owned. Doing so has the potential to restore efficiency, profits and competitiveness. A business may also restructure in order to grow or change direction. It can be a catalyst for positive change, especially when executed with a clear understanding […]

Estate Planning and Property: What You Need to Know

Estate planning is a crucial part of preparing for the future, and one of the key components is considering how any property you own or are paying off should be factored into your Will. As estate planning lawyers, we frequently help individuals and couples to ensure their home is either retained by the right people […]

What to do if the Executor of a Will is no Longer Alive or Capable

Settling the estate of a deceased person is made so much easier when there is a legal Will, but there are unfortunately still problems that can throw a spanner in the works. One issue that can greatly complicate things is if the executor of the Will dies or is incapacitated. Not having an executor can […]

Updating Your Will After a Separation or Divorce

It’s not a secret that getting divorced is a stressful and emotional time. While the priority that most people deal with is the division of assets, it is also important to update your Will. You want to make sure that your assets go to the people you care about in the event of your death […]

What Does a Trustee Do When an SMSF Member Dies?

This article explains what happens when a member of a self-managed super fund passes away, and how the trustee is involved with distributing money to beneficiaries. What happens when an SMSF member dies? If someone who has a self managed super fund dies, the money in the fund will be passed to someone else. It […]

What Exactly do Executors of Wills do?

One of the biggest decisions when you prepare a Will is deciding who will be the executor. This role is a big responsibility, and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help you nominate the right person, here’s a rundown of what a Will executor’s tasks include. What do executors of Wills do? The executor […]

The Cautionary Tale of the Melbourne Corporation Ruling

This is a case that has piqued interest from a lot of people. In multiple proceedings handed down in August, the Federal Court held that nearly all deductions amounting to several million dollars claimed by three entities controlled by one individual should not be allowed. This is a case referred to as Melbourne Corporation of […]